Saturday, May 25, 2024

How do ordinary families manage their money? Which wealth management products are suitable for ordinary families to buy?

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First of all, for an ordinary family, there needs to be a sum of money that can be withdrawn at any time. Therefore, as long as a financial product with high liquidity and security is required, the following options are available.

One is money market funds. Monetary funds have a high degree of security, and although capital is not guaranteed, it is difficult to lose money. Some monetary funds can even be withdrawn at any time like a demand deposit, but the amount must be within 10,000 yuan. Even if it is not a monetary fund that is readily available, the money can be withdrawn within a day or two under normal circumstances, and the liquidity is relatively good.

The other is cash management. Cash management wealth management is similar to monetary funds. On the one hand, it is a low-risk product, and on the other hand, it has relatively good liquidity. Some of them are also available at any time like demand deposits.

Another is the reverse repurchase of government bonds. The reverse repurchase of treasury bonds is a capital-guaranteed product, so the security is naturally very high. If you need higher liquidity, you can only buy 1-day treasury bond reverse repurchase. However, if you only buy one-day treasury bond reverse repurchase, you have to buy it once a day, which is relatively troublesome.

Secondly, for an ordinary family, it may be necessary to achieve a stable appreciation of family assets through financial management. However, wealth management products with high liquidity and high security usually have relatively low returns and cannot meet the needs. Therefore, it is necessary to have a relatively high-yield and relatively stable wealth management product. At this time, there are the following choices.

One is banking. The risk level of most banks’ wealth management is R3 and below, that is, below medium risk, and the risk level of wealth management products largely determines the level and stability of its income. For financial products below medium risk, the income and risks are relatively moderate.

Of course, after the transformation of bank wealth management into net worth wealth management, it may not be as stable as before. However, compared with all wealth management products, bank wealth management is still relatively stable.

The other is bond funds. Bond funds are the same as bank wealth management. The risk level is mainly low-to-medium risk and medium-risk. The risk is relatively moderate and the income is relatively stable. In addition, most bond funds are open-end funds, with less restrictions on buying and selling, and better liquidity than bank wealth management that mainly focuses on regular products.

Again, for an ordinary family, it may also hope to achieve rapid asset appreciation through financial management. At this time, it is obviously impossible to do this only by relying on stable financial products, and only the following ones are possible.

One is the stock fund or partial stock mixed fund. There are many types of fund products, and the risks of different types of funds are very different. Among them, stock funds and partial stock mixed funds are relatively risky. However, it is precisely because of their higher risks that they have the opportunity to obtain higher returns.

The other is stocks. The risks and returns of stocks are higher than those of stock funds, and naturally they have the opportunity to obtain higher returns.

Of course, this financial allocation is not a must, and it is not suitable for some ordinary families